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KETO 180

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Keto 180

Keto180 exceeded our expectations and standards review.

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    Serving size: 2 capsules
    Servings Per Container: 30
      mg %DV
    Proprietary BHB-Keto Blend800
    Magnesium Beta Hydroxybutyrate500
    Calcium Beta Hydroxybutyrate500
    Sodium Beta Hydroxybutyrate500
    ✝ Daily Value (DV) is not established


Keto180 is a newcomer to the space, and they have made some strong impressions with their high quality product and outstanding customer service. It contains the recommended amount (800 mg) of BHB (Beta-hydroxybutyrate) which is the organic compound that is naturally produced by the body as a result of dieting or fasting. Although the market is saturated with similar products, we weren't able to find any that had such a strong formula. The team did their research and it showed: Keto180 has all of the important elements needed to supplement your keto diet needs for optimal weight loss.

Why is this product better than it's competitors?

When we look for products to review, we search for those that are not only made with the best ingredients, but also those that were formulated with the consumer in mind. The guys over at Health Science have included what we consider the optimum blend for efficient ketosis and fat loss. The formula contains 800mg of BHB, as well as 3 of the ketone salts for maximum absorption. Most other products only include 1-2.

  • Most effective at quickly achieving Ketosis and Weight Loss
  • Accelerates ketosis, replenishes electrolytes and reduces "keto flu" period.
  • Contains 3 ketone salts where most competitors only include 1-2.
  • 800mg of BHB for maximum effectiveness and desired weight loss
  • No auto recurring billing. You pay one time for the product you want.

    Our concerns:
  • Often sold out.

    In order to achieve "ketosis" your body needs to stop relying on carbohydrates as fuel. The process of getting into ketosis can be daunting for many, but once you are in the ketosis state the weight loss becomes very efficient. Once in ketosis your body naturally begins to create more of the BHB compounds. Keto180 helps to achieve the ketosis state quickly by introducing those BHB compounds to the body early, thus decreasing wait for results.


    Overall, we were pleastantly surprised with Keto180 and the results. We love the formula and ingredients, the customer service, and couldn't be happier with the experience. You will not find any hidden billing after a purchase, which is prevalent in many of the products in this niche. You can buy Keto180 with confidence.

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